Sunday, November 26, 2006


and life is full of music
hooked onto two songs from Guru - tere bina and aye hairathe ...
tere bina - love the melody, very folksy, yet sufi-qawaali-ish, giving me a headache now ive listened it to it so many times! gaayaki too .. d-lish! chinmayi and rahman have done it sooo effortlessly - its true music IS food for the soul - so powerful no? how a song all of 4-5 minutes can do sooo much, mental emotional , physical spiritual to a person? very powerful music is.
anyways getting back to good music
aye hairathe - hariharans voice is what one would describe as "makhmali" in hindi -smooth, soft, like the finest cotton or the warmest of satin or silk - yumm.... i look forward to seeing the picturisation of the song - the 1 min trailer on youtube is hardly an indicator!
its funny though that while my "loyalties" should lie with mayya, the song i actually did help with as dialect coach for maryem, i'm not as addicted to it, as these others.. despite it being soooo catchy and the blend of middle eastern and gujarati is very interesting and attractive... i guess i've waited so long to hear the final product its no longer as addictive as it was when i heard it over and over in the studio in Toronto trying to guide Maryem with the intonations, and pronunciation and watching ar rahman become so animated and alive as his composition came to life with tollers voice
life is full of music and i only want more....


NShankar said...

Nice to read your feelings on
Can you share a little more of
your experience working with

Rahmanic said...

Hi, thats nice u have worked with our BOSS ...yeah its amazing how a 5 mins music can be so soothing but it also matters who composes them...
pls share ur moments with our BOSS in detail...