Wednesday, November 29, 2006

games n things

so im awake again ... overslept again ... after once again beating my own super high score on a mutlicoloured 2 inch by 3 inch screen which i know one of these days is going to annouce the end of my myopic eyes. the game is ka-glom and only for use by the crackberry users or addicts. similar to tetris with things falling and the aim beign to connect them, avoid a pile up and subsequent death. the falling htings are coloured( blue, green, red, beige, black) balls and cubes - join four balls( not cubes) and detonate them and wait for some more.... i think carpel tunnel syndrome is on its way here...
of course i am so sleepy there are probably several grammatical and spelling errors in this post... maafi
oh and by the way not only am i going insane with these silly computer games .. i am also far away from real games that require more than just an efficient thumb and the flick of the wrist.
lying in front of me is a gallant effort at fitness - i actually printed out a fifteen minutes do-it-at-home excercise regime( i know im too lazy and not motivated enuff to go to gym for anything longer than fifteen minutes) i think i did it once for five minutes only because the tv was in front of me and i wanted to see the end of friends.
so that didnt do too well ... and of course the cheese intake continues so yeah i'm doing good on the health scale

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