Wednesday, November 29, 2006

games n things

so im awake again ... overslept again ... after once again beating my own super high score on a mutlicoloured 2 inch by 3 inch screen which i know one of these days is going to annouce the end of my myopic eyes. the game is ka-glom and only for use by the crackberry users or addicts. similar to tetris with things falling and the aim beign to connect them, avoid a pile up and subsequent death. the falling htings are coloured( blue, green, red, beige, black) balls and cubes - join four balls( not cubes) and detonate them and wait for some more.... i think carpel tunnel syndrome is on its way here...
of course i am so sleepy there are probably several grammatical and spelling errors in this post... maafi
oh and by the way not only am i going insane with these silly computer games .. i am also far away from real games that require more than just an efficient thumb and the flick of the wrist.
lying in front of me is a gallant effort at fitness - i actually printed out a fifteen minutes do-it-at-home excercise regime( i know im too lazy and not motivated enuff to go to gym for anything longer than fifteen minutes) i think i did it once for five minutes only because the tv was in front of me and i wanted to see the end of friends.
so that didnt do too well ... and of course the cheese intake continues so yeah i'm doing good on the health scale

Sunday, November 26, 2006


and life is full of music
hooked onto two songs from Guru - tere bina and aye hairathe ...
tere bina - love the melody, very folksy, yet sufi-qawaali-ish, giving me a headache now ive listened it to it so many times! gaayaki too .. d-lish! chinmayi and rahman have done it sooo effortlessly - its true music IS food for the soul - so powerful no? how a song all of 4-5 minutes can do sooo much, mental emotional , physical spiritual to a person? very powerful music is.
anyways getting back to good music
aye hairathe - hariharans voice is what one would describe as "makhmali" in hindi -smooth, soft, like the finest cotton or the warmest of satin or silk - yumm.... i look forward to seeing the picturisation of the song - the 1 min trailer on youtube is hardly an indicator!
its funny though that while my "loyalties" should lie with mayya, the song i actually did help with as dialect coach for maryem, i'm not as addicted to it, as these others.. despite it being soooo catchy and the blend of middle eastern and gujarati is very interesting and attractive... i guess i've waited so long to hear the final product its no longer as addictive as it was when i heard it over and over in the studio in Toronto trying to guide Maryem with the intonations, and pronunciation and watching ar rahman become so animated and alive as his composition came to life with tollers voice
life is full of music and i only want more....

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Monsoons and more...

Its was raining here in the big TO and warm and cozy in my office I thought of the Bombay monsoons.

I used to travel by bus train rickshaw and battle the sometimes heavy raindrops in order to get to my destination. The days spent huddling under an umbrella, or in a cab, or rickshaw, without any heating in any of these vehicles, just body heat and the spirit of youth keeping us warm!

The sometimes warm sometimes nippy sea sprays, the jumping in puddles to splash water at a friend, even the twigs we used as "boats" when I was even younger; boat races in the gutters close to home, with my mother despairing that I would get wet and get sick!

Reaching work soaked to the skin and in a filmi style squeezing my kurta to get as much water out as possible! The rain dance my neighbours and I did, sort of a strange ritual to welcome the first downpour in the afternoon, with overcast skies and suspicious neighbours in the apartment building next door wondering what this spoilt brat form the bungalow was doing on her terrace in the rain!

The bhuttas (corn on the cob) with salt, chilli powder and tangy lemon juice, it made one’s body alive. Maybe that’s what I am missing here. I have a life but am I alive?

Not sure whether this is my memory alone or my imagination or a combo of both that makes me so nostalgic - I fear that upon reaching Bombay, whenever that is, I might go "Jesus is THIS what I was missing!" and my sundar bambaiyya sapna might tooto!!! :-)