Wednesday, August 27, 2008

random conversations in cyberspeace - muse missing in action

a: heyyy
b: hi
b: do i know you?
a: idiot!
b: a?
a: :) howdy?
b: hey babe...looooooong time .. niiice to see you ..
a: ya how are you?
b: life goes on ... with friends reminding you of it
a: huh?
b: its over now
a: life is alive and kicking in your writing
b: it feels like life is over marriage has ended everything
a: why did you get married?kisne bola tha shaadi karne ko?
b: what writing? i haven't written in four years
a: how come?
b: No inspiration no topic interests me enuff to write bout it its all boring marriage as you may or may not know
a: hmm .. i feel like that sometimes - like ive lost my mojo or something. thankfully i've a few grounded friends who yank me off the pity-pot! :-p
b: i'm not blaming anyone for my life.. a guy has the "write" to crib no? :)
a: of course!
b: i thought your mojo was a year old! :)
a: i learnt a long time ago that an external locus of control was er.. umm not a great idea ...
a: he is not my mojo, just my latest love
a: and i thank hormones oxytocin, a few hard-working guardian angels for that
b: maybe you can suggest something - do me a favor suggest a topic every week for me to write about on my blog
a: the love, not him
a: i am a dukhi aatma - can only think of dukhiyaari things
a: dangerous
b: perfect thats exactly what i want
a: dangerous
a : write about the 40 billion spent on the olympics
a: or about mz clintons speech at the democratic convention
b: oh man full serious topics... ok i guess i asked for it..:p
a: you don't have to write something serious .. take it someplace else ... at least you'll have a lead, a start, no ?
b: hmm
a: better still copy-paste this convo and put it up on your blog
b: and get a divorce? :)
a: from what you just said it doesn't seem like you'd be too unhappy about the prospect
b: you do it and i'll write you a counter
b: it was soooooooooooo nice talking to you after sooo long
b: back to @#$% all work
b: keep pleasantly surprising me like this


Words. Like sand in a sandbox.
Playing. Tossing them, tasting them, feeling sensing them.
Like soft hair on my face.
Building castles and moulding shapes, drawing lines and then washing it all away
Dreams and fantasies and stories and life.
Captured in your words.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Some thing old ... something new ...

This blog is definitely something old.... and I have been terrible about not posting often enough! And now i'm adding to it by creating a new blog for my now seven-month old doll of a baby!
Do visit, comment, suggest!