Wednesday, December 21, 2005


eyes burning.
tad cold too.

is it xmas already?
cant decide whether i wanna do xmas or just bury myself under a blankee ...
one gift or ten?
chaddis or chamois?
music or musings?
rant or rife?
work or wallow?
so many choices ...
one tiny brain...

Friday, December 16, 2005


libraries... mmmm i have pleasant memories of libraries - studying, snoozing, reading random unrelated things and sometimes losing track of time in an old library with dusty shelves and ancient wood, really ageless fans that have maintained the same slow, almost hypnotic pace for eons.... sigh... libraries are fun..
during school i would pore over the craft and diy books, the fat volumes i could hardly even lift with my twiggy arms, but the contents of which i devoured, egg shells pictures, ice cream spoon puppets, egg carton chairs, i can even see the pictures in some of the books...
my mother would lament that if id spent even half the time buried in my textbooks, i might ve been a little ahead in the class than i was!
at dinner time, in the loo, walking home from the bus stop, IN the school bus, gosh i was deep into a book every where!
readers digest, enid blyton, richmal crompton( wrote these FAB books about a young english boy called william- hilarious), the odd nancy drews, pg wodehouse, some hitchcock, and hardy boys... and the random asterix and tintin and phantom and mandrake comics thrown in for good measure.
man am i glad i read.
those were library days these days i feed off blogs...

hope they dont get wiped out - the internet can only provide this much info and reading joy- getting transported to a different world, a different time is a talent the net lacks.

Baby burger - whats with the rip off?

its unhealthy i know, and people say they have sawdust in the ground meat that sometimes can be rather yum - but whats with giving me a patty thats competing with a wafer?
the size jesus! if this is for adults whaddya serve kids?
fine i m talkin bout mickey ds, the home of the golden arches, mcdonalds, yeah those yellow ms you see every bloody where - mcdonalds mein hai kuch khaas( theres something about mcdonalds) in india and lovin it in the great north america
well i used to love it but not anymore... half cooked fries and semi raw ground ( is it really???)meat. the big mac i used to pride downing is just a disapointing stale bun with chewy fatty bits of some meat( duck skin maybe?) - an apology of a meal.
not so khaas anymore.

First day driving on the worst day to drive

i did do it. drove alone though to most people even myself that's not a big deal- most of the time.
new license, new car, new winter and bloody snowy roads.
what a day to pick to make your solo debut on tronno's roads.
ya thats where im from - correction thats where i am, from bombay but this is not about my origins or dark background.
its about me and my new car and the worst day to experiment with your newly acquired driving skills. but i did it, drove about a hundred km in snowy weather at the awesome speed of 10kmph.
but i didn't kill anyone, didn't break any rules, the car's is still running, i think( touchwood!)
and i feel kickass!
getting wheels is a cool liberating thing.
lovin it!