Friday, December 16, 2005

First day driving on the worst day to drive

i did do it. drove alone though to most people even myself that's not a big deal- most of the time.
new license, new car, new winter and bloody snowy roads.
what a day to pick to make your solo debut on tronno's roads.
ya thats where im from - correction thats where i am, from bombay but this is not about my origins or dark background.
its about me and my new car and the worst day to experiment with your newly acquired driving skills. but i did it, drove about a hundred km in snowy weather at the awesome speed of 10kmph.
but i didn't kill anyone, didn't break any rules, the car's is still running, i think( touchwood!)
and i feel kickass!
getting wheels is a cool liberating thing.
lovin it!

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