Friday, December 16, 2005

Baby burger - whats with the rip off?

its unhealthy i know, and people say they have sawdust in the ground meat that sometimes can be rather yum - but whats with giving me a patty thats competing with a wafer?
the size jesus! if this is for adults whaddya serve kids?
fine i m talkin bout mickey ds, the home of the golden arches, mcdonalds, yeah those yellow ms you see every bloody where - mcdonalds mein hai kuch khaas( theres something about mcdonalds) in india and lovin it in the great north america
well i used to love it but not anymore... half cooked fries and semi raw ground ( is it really???)meat. the big mac i used to pride downing is just a disapointing stale bun with chewy fatty bits of some meat( duck skin maybe?) - an apology of a meal.
not so khaas anymore.

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