Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Milk and suchlike

                                                                        Haldi Milk with Kesar

Reasons why drinking milk pre/during nursing session is traditionally recommended :

- it makes milk (Duh! Didn't you know all lactating animals chug a mugful
right before dangling milky teats to their young?)
- it distracts you from the potential biting and gnawing and nibbling
that's a given with nursing
- somewhere between nursing the second and feeding sometime healthy
meals to the first you've kinda forgotten to feed yourself
- dude, you're exhausting your supplies, must replenish as you go!
- it encourages let down of milk

I've had the argument of "why warm milk while/before feeding" a billion times.
With the first one and now number 2.
I'm gonna go with the let down(must be an associated stimulus response
thing) and perhaps the replenishing supplies bit. It IS a bit
exhausting after all. Chunky baby thighs don't happen with nothing.

BTW a little bit of breastmilk acts as great lubing up of them
sore nipples once your little ones done making "chingum" (am I the
only one that called chewing gum that while growing up?) outta them.

Medea Purelan

Also lanolin. I've had great success with Medela's Purelan. Also safe to nurse
with the goop on. Apparently doesn't harm the kids.
I'm hoping p1's junglee spells aren't a result of months of lanolin ingestion!

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