Wednesday, August 27, 2008

random conversations in cyberspeace - muse missing in action

a: heyyy
b: hi
b: do i know you?
a: idiot!
b: a?
a: :) howdy?
b: hey babe...looooooong time .. niiice to see you ..
a: ya how are you?
b: life goes on ... with friends reminding you of it
a: huh?
b: its over now
a: life is alive and kicking in your writing
b: it feels like life is over marriage has ended everything
a: why did you get married?kisne bola tha shaadi karne ko?
b: what writing? i haven't written in four years
a: how come?
b: No inspiration no topic interests me enuff to write bout it its all boring marriage as you may or may not know
a: hmm .. i feel like that sometimes - like ive lost my mojo or something. thankfully i've a few grounded friends who yank me off the pity-pot! :-p
b: i'm not blaming anyone for my life.. a guy has the "write" to crib no? :)
a: of course!
b: i thought your mojo was a year old! :)
a: i learnt a long time ago that an external locus of control was er.. umm not a great idea ...
a: he is not my mojo, just my latest love
a: and i thank hormones oxytocin, a few hard-working guardian angels for that
b: maybe you can suggest something - do me a favor suggest a topic every week for me to write about on my blog
a: the love, not him
a: i am a dukhi aatma - can only think of dukhiyaari things
a: dangerous
b: perfect thats exactly what i want
a: dangerous
a : write about the 40 billion spent on the olympics
a: or about mz clintons speech at the democratic convention
b: oh man full serious topics... ok i guess i asked for it..:p
a: you don't have to write something serious .. take it someplace else ... at least you'll have a lead, a start, no ?
b: hmm
a: better still copy-paste this convo and put it up on your blog
b: and get a divorce? :)
a: from what you just said it doesn't seem like you'd be too unhappy about the prospect
b: you do it and i'll write you a counter
b: it was soooooooooooo nice talking to you after sooo long
b: back to @#$% all work
b: keep pleasantly surprising me like this


mephisto said...

Hmmm...luks like b needs a Plan B fast...

devika said...

Ha! Punny aren't we!